Première Kunstgebäude Stuttgart/DE

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Photoselection MEMORABILIA3 Kopie 2_DB
Photoselection MEMORABILIA3_DB
4_Memorabilia_Winterfest 2018_Foto88_©Frank Kleinbach_DB
6_Memorabilia_Winterfest 2018_Foto122_©Frank Kleinbach_DB
Photoselection MEMORABILIA4_DB

Foto: © Harald Voelkl | Denise Helene Sumi | Kai Loges | Sonja Flury

Dark material morphs through space, from time to time revealing a moving body. The intertwining of abstract form and familiar sound generates an experience that poetically configures the essence of heimat.

Abstract shapes in permanent motion stimulate inner pictures, while the sound accessed through headphones echoes in the collective memory of the audience. The synthetic material constantly transforms into an infinite variety of shapes, evoking multiple associations. The piece generates access to the personal memory archive, taking the viewer on a journey charged with emotions.

The deep impact of sound on our perception of images is influenced both by the individual and collective imprint: our personal experiences and our cultural identities. MEMORABILIA lends space to this imprint and the associated emotions, while unconventional performative settings amplify its resonance on the viewer.

Idea, choreography, interpretation: Elena Morena Weber

Sound editing: Sasha Shlain

Costumes and props: Elena Morena Weber

Residency and support: Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart